Better Wholesale Sourcing. Factory  to door, and customised specifically for your business.
You have an online business or a distribution business.?So you shouldn't be chasing Suppliers but just concentrating on Building your business/ Marketing or Sales.. Wish you had a channel taking care of all your sourcing. Direct From Factories!!!   
Curated Products
Our team of Designers and Artisans are well equipped to know what sells. All product selections are well curated.
Custom Requests
We do offer custom requests for our Associate buyers. The Factories are well equipped to work with your designs exclusively
Warehousing and Quality Checks
We take care of receiving  Production and Run Quality Checks before Deliveries. Updates are sent to Our Associate Retailers/ Wholesalers constantly.  
Reliable Delivery
Deliveries Direct to your door for all finished Products. Alternatively It can be delivered directly to your Wholesale Buyers.
B2B - Online Retailers, Distributors
The world is more connected than ever before. So why shouldn't our business is. Factoh has access to Homeware factories and there is nothing we take more seriously than quality at right pricing. Our aim is to provide competitive products based on quality and inputs that go into it.  All of our Curators are specialists that come from serious business backgrounds. Experts in Homeware, online biz, and design, they bring a combination of skill and passion that is simply unbeatable. The real hassle business of Homeware has the hassle of finding the right Supplies. and Suppliers. Supplies that arecommitted to support your business. Dealing with Factoh you are dealing with someone already in the industry. If you are a Start Up we suggest trying one of our Start Up boxes. 
Factoh Fact- Factoh is based in India. Our initial supplies are more India specific. 
We believe in personalised experience.
Our motto? Together we do it. Dealing with Factoh is a personalised experience. You won't be dealing with AI bots, but real people striving to make your business better. Factoh is a seed that will grow with your business.. We strive to better our community, our clients, and ourselves.Above all else, you are our number one concern. 
You Deserve the Very Best
Not 100% satisfied with your box? No problem!
If you are ordering a Starter Box,  Our Team Creates well thought of selection to create  a bestseller every time.. We are constantly trying to up our last creation for you.. To achieve better and better  your feedbacks are recorded to keep all future selections suited to you and your customer preferences.
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 Luxurious Home products!Factory Direct to your door
Are you a Vendor
Vendor Manufacturer Factories get in touch with us!.
If you are a Vendor interested in starting a relationship with Factoh , write to us.